27 October 2013

Magic Word

A little excerpt from life's script:

Lotty: Give me that, Daddy!
Daddy: What is the magic word?
Lotty: Please!
Lotty: It doesn't seem very magical, Daddy.

More Summer Pictures

We have moved into fall but still have so many summer pictures to share.  It has been such a busy start to the school year with all of us being sick at some point and our nearly indestructible Subaru finally giving out.  

This collection of pictures all comes from our trip to Mt. Rainier all the way back in July.  We had a very nice time at a cabin we rented near Greenwater.  Oma and Grandpa Derksen joined us, as did Uncle Dan, Auntie Kathryn and cousins John Clair and Jacob.  We did a little hiking in the park.  

Sarah, in a quiet moment, with her chewy giraffe


Even though it was July, it was pretty cold out when we went to Sunrise.  We put Sarah in a warm, if silly, hat.  On our hike, we found some butterflies on what look like Truffula trees.  Lotty spent a while hiking with here Uncle Dan, who was very patient with the exquisitely slow pace of a toddler.  Sarah had some very nice time with her Oma.  This is a very nice picture of the both of them.

Lotty and Paul found an old bench in the sunshine.

Lotty enjoyed running through the dandelions.  They turned the bottom of her pants yellow.

The "cabin" in the woods was really a house.

Sarah is learning to be a photographer in her own right