18 July 2013

13 pictures from this summer

Here are a few pictures from this summer, at least so far.  The first six are from May, and the rest are from June.  We went down to California in late June for a Brown family reunion, which was our first big road trip with both girls.  July pictures are coming soon!

Sarah has a beautiful smile.  This is from early May.

Sarah spent some time with Grandpa when Grammy & Grandpa visited.

Grandpa even got some laughs.

Both Lotty and Sarah enjoy the swings at the park in mid May.

Sarah started solid food 25-May.

It went pretty well—Sarah was ready.  She is quite the eater now.

Sarah is started getting more hair.  This was in mid June.

We did a little hike in Richardson Grove State Park (Northern CA) while en route.

We visited the Point Cabrillo lighthouse while in Fort Bragg. Lotty walked the whole way.

The lighthouse has been beautifully restored.

Lotty also got to explore some tide-pools. Sea anemone are fun. 

Lotty, Elizabeth and Grammy walk along the beach.

Lotty and Grandpa had a lot of fun playing in the sand together.