04 May 2015

Carkeek Park

Lotty, Sarah, Paul and Bella went to Carkeek park a couple of Saturdays ago. One of the highlights was the Salmon slide. As Lotty put it, "You go in the mouth and you come out the butt!" As you can see from the pictures, that is not far from the truth. We did do a little hike before the sliding through salmon and then had a picnic lunch on the beach there.

Sarah entering the mouth of the Salmon

Lotty and Sarah exploring an unusual tree.

Both are good hikers but become distracted easily.

Sarah experiencing  the mathematical construct of the helix first-hand.

"I bet Daddy needs my help."

Playing with rocks, sand and crab shells.

30 December 2014

2014 in 44 Pictures

2014 is almost gone and as any of you who have been checking can tell, the blog posting has not been going so well. A lot has happened this year. We took trips to the snow, played on the beach in San Diego, saw the old farm that Paul's mother grew up on in Illinois, celebrated Lotty's 4th and Sarah's 2nd birthdays, enjoyed more beach time in Seaside, OR and many, many visits to parks.

We hope you enjoy this look at what has been keeping us to busy to update the blog. We will do better in 2015.

An early February snow day!

Snow Camp near Plain, WA

At our local park in April

Easter is the time for pretty dresses

Mother's Day

San Diego Trip

The end of May is a good time to fix your airplane and go on a picnic.

June brings fun with water and getting Dad wet while he is trying to take pictures!

The (second) cousins came to visit in July

July is also a birthday month!

 We visited the girls' great grandparents farmstead.

And it is always good to go back the the familiar, neighborhood park.

Lotty enjoyed her first ice cream cone in September!

September also had some hot summer days at the park.

Labor Day weekend saw us in Seaside, OR with family.

September also marked Sarah's refusal to ride in the backpack carrier on hikes.

The girls love to help in the kitchen and it didn't take Sarah long to figure out what to do with the frosting spatula.

October is Halloween—our kitty chased our mouse, and vice versa!

Dry leaves (a rarity here) need to be celebrated.

Just after Thanksgiving, we had our first snowfall, which was too exciting to pass up.

Sarah is now 2!!

Christmas has seen some good time with family.