23 October 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Lotty has recently started going to daycare two days a week.  They went to a pumpkin patch and farm not far from our house in Edmonds.  Unfortunately, Lotty wasn't able to go with them, so we decided to go as a family the following Saturday.  There were many animals to look at, including turkeys, ducks, peacocks, pigs, kittens, rabbits, chickens & chicks, and pygmy goats.  Lotty had a lot of fun looking and petting different animals.  We also found some nice pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

It looks like Lotty is having a pretty heated argument with this goat.

Lotty is getting a good close look at this one.

Lotty says she likes this one.

Lotty & Max Enjoying the Sun

These pictures were taken in Lotty's room with the sun shining in.  Lotty and Paul were putting away Lotty's laundry when Max joined us.  He was enjoying sitting in the sunshine so Lotty decided to join him.

Lotty petting Max nicely.