14 July 2012

Baton Rouge and other news

Our big news, that some of you already know, is that we are expecting.  Baby is due at the end of November or the beginning of December and so far everything is going pretty well. 

Our other big news, that is far less joyous, is that Paul was involved in a bicycle-car accident, as the bicyclist.  A car going the opposite direction turned left in front of him and and he couldn't stop.  The bad news is a separated shoulder—basically the ligaments holding down the collar bone to the top of the shoulder blade (the AC joint) have been ripped apart.  The good news is that all other injuries were minor and that a full recovery is likely.  This may be in part because his helmet is now cracked, so it did it's job.  The bike wasn't too badly damaged.

We also took a trip to Baton Rouge, LA to see Elizabeth's cousin Jennifer and her family.  Jennifer and Ted have a daughter, Marianna, who is a little older than Lotty, and they got along very well together.  Here are some pictures from that trip.

Lotty & Marianna outside playing "baseball" together.

Marianna shares a blueberry with Lotty.

All of us at Houmas House, a Mississippi plantation house.

Ted is the Sandbox Supervisor at a local park.

Lotty riding her cousin Marianna's horse.

Lotty eats a peach.

Lotty had loads of fun playing with Marianna's dog Quincy, who put up
with the attention quite well.