04 February 2012

Sunny Day at the Park

We had a sunny and relatively warm day here in Seattle.  Lotty, Max and Paul went down to the park in the morning.  The swing was not a big hit, but the slide sure was.  Lotty kept talking about going upstairs, so they climbed around on the wooden play structure and got to the slide.  Paul and Lotty went down a few times together before Paul got tired of dragging his camera bag around and ended up just picking Lotty up and setting her at the top of the slide.  It didn't take long before Lotty decided that she could go down by herself.  She also tried crawling up the slide, though not successfully.

Lotty tries crawling up the slide.  Check out the reflection in the metal.
Lotty goes down the slide by herself before playing in the sand.

Lotty spreads sand on her legs.  When she scoots along, she leaves a "slug trail."

Playing with the grass is fun.  Maybe just a little too fun.

"What could be on my hands?"  Maybe mud and grass!  After a tough morning of play, it is good to just take some time to think about it all.