31 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Tooth

It has been a fun Christmastime with all of us at home. Lotty has gotten used to having Daddy around and perhaps Mama has too. Monday will come as a bit of a shock for us all.  The big news during this time is that we can feel Lotty's first tooth.  Sorry, no pictures of that.  We first felt it on Wednesday, the 29th.  It has bothered her a bit and she feels it all the time with her fingers and tongue.

Lotty has continued to try new solid foods, including carrots, pears (cooked up at home) and prunes! She has also started eat rice rusks (shown in picture below). She isn't always the neatest eater, but she is getting the hang of it, and Max enjoys looking from crumbs and finishing leftovers.

Waiting for crumbs

Of course, Lotty sometimes wonders what it is that we are giving her!  So far about her favorite thing to spread on her face is carrots, though I think it is prunes with rice cereal in the picture below (right).  


For Christmas, Auntie Marie & Nick gave Lotty a giant kangaroo with a baby in her pouch.  The baby has been named Foster.  No definitive name has emerged for Foster's mother.

Auntie Kathryn helped Lotty open some presents on Christmas evening.  Kathryn is Lotty's part-time nanny, so they know each other really well.  This was a mobile of the world with people from all over.  It was from Oma and Grandpa Derksen and came from the Ten Thousand Villages store here in Seattle.

05 December 2010

Thanksgiving, food and more Lotty play

It looks like we missed posting in November all together.  It isn't like it is an especially short month, but it has been a busy one.  Elizabeth had two concerts in conjunction with the release of her second solo CD.  You can find it here.  There was also a trip down to California for a week around Thanksgiving.  Grammy and Grandpa Brown had not seen Lotty since she was a few weeks old, so it was good for all of them to get re-acquainted.  It is a Mendocino County Law that you have to take pictures of the ocean while there.  Here are a couple that Paul took:


While on the trip, Lotty rolled over for the first time.  She did it a total of three times and hasn't done it since.  So for now, she remains basically immobile.

We started feeding Lotty "solid" food on Saturday.  Her first food was rice cereal thinned with breast milk.  She was a bit unsure of what to do that first meal, but it went better today.  She didn't seem to have any adverse reaction to the rice, so that is good.

Just today, Lotty started playing with the toys on the Baby Einstein play center that she got from Grammy and Grandpa Brown.  She was first fascinated by the bongo playing lion (who wouldn't be) and then started playing with the flexible necked giraffe.  I think she will find it more fun when her feet actually touch the bottom.  For now, though, she can just hang out in it with a little supervision.