30 January 2011

Tastes like beagle

Lotty really enjoys spending time with the pets.  We don't know if she has a favorite between the cat or the dog at this point; the main thing is that they are furry.  Paul got a few pics of Lotty playing with Max the other day.  So far, Max isn't thrilled with having his ears pulled or is eyes gouged, but he is pretty tolerant.

09 January 2011


Lotty squeals when having fun:

Squeals from Paul Brown on Vimeo.

02 January 2011

Cold, Sunny Start to the Year

Our year here in Seattle has started off cold by our standards.  But in a way, it hasn't felt as cold because it has been dry and clear.  New Year's day, we all bundled up and walked along part of the Burke Gilman Trail that Paul had seen the day before on a bike ride and thought was rather interesting.  Ice had formed at one point and then it looks like the water level had receded, leaving the ice hanging from the brush.  All of these pictures are from that walk except for the close-up of the heavy frost on the small leaves, which is from our front yard.

01 January 2011

Lucky Lotty's Long Lashes

Lotty may have gotten her beautiful brown eyes from her mother, but she also got her father's long lashes: