03 April 2011

Fun on the Swing

Lotty tried the swing for the first time the other day.  We walked to the park just down the street from our house where they have a few swings.  She seemed to have fun, even though it was a little chilly out.  This was about at 6 PM, so the sun was just going down.

Paul & his new bike

Pictures of me and/on my new bike are on the web.  You can find them here:

The bike is a real joy to ride, though I have only been able to put about 330 miles on it so far, between weather and spending time with Lotty.

For those that are curious, it is a lugged steel frame with polished, stainless steel lugs that were pinned during the brazing process.  It is built up with the Campagnolo Athena 11sp gruppo and very classic Mavic rims (open pro) and Brooks leather saddle (B-17 with copper rivets).